Interior Designers – Storage Services

Elevated Quality and Efficient Delivery – World Class Professional Transformation Specialists will accurately deliver and place furniture and items as directed by The Interior Design Lead. The Transition Specialists will also remove and dispose of any waste as instructed.

● Receiving – Act as a receiving company. For a fair amount, we can inspect and ensure the quality condition of items before they are delivered to the respective location.

● Storage – Storage space available for furniture and items. Rather than arrange multiple small deliveries to a client’s location, we can safely and securely store the items until ready to be delivered with less trips needed.

● Flexibility – We work with you and your client to ensure the best time for delivery. We are happy to offer multiple payment options for you and your client. You have a choice between a  per-piece rate or an hourly rate.

● Customized Requests – We welcome and consider all requests. We promise to do our absolute best to ensure and accommodate your needs with excellence, transparency, and integrity.

● Personal Care from a Dedicated Professional Account Manager – Receive hands on care from a dedicated just-for-you account manager. Have a single point of contact for any questions and concerns that arise throughout the transition and setup process.