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A Satisfied Customer, Glad He Found us on Angieslist

Satisfied customer glad he found us on Angieslist.

Hi. I hired Austin Moving Forward. We had a quick turnaround, a big two-story house that needed moving. I talked to Avi and his group. They were able to do it on a quick turnaround. Within a five-day notice we were able to turn this around. Here we are after a full day. He brought in a full crew of five people, cleared out the house and had it all stored and ready to go.
Not only was it great to find him on Angie's List, but the work was done well, it was done quickly, and this is only half of our process. The other half will be when we move into our new home. Thanks to Austin Moving Forward for all their hard work tonight.

Great Experience With Austin Moving Forward

This Customer is very happy with his new "friends."

Kirby: Hello, I'm Kirby [Lukower 00:00:02] and I had Leo, my good friend, my new friend Leo, and Will, move all of our furniture from inside the house to the garage, and then from the garage back again, we had our floors done, and they did a good job with helping me remember where everything went, because I can't seem to recall that. My wife wasn't here, I'm not very observant when it comes to that.
They did a really good job of keeping things nice and neat. They're friendly guys, and they smile a lot, and I want to keep them around, but they've got to go back to work, and I recommend them.

Speaker 2: I had a great experience with my movers today. They showed up early, and they handled everything I had very well and wrapped it up really well, and they were kind and courteous. Spoke with me the entire time, I felt comfortable with them being here, and taking my things on the long drive from here in Texas all the way to New York. I would definitely recommend them to other people, and I would definitely use them again. Bye.

John: I'm John [Menie 00:01:10] and Austin Moving Forward just moved me from Leander to Georgetown, and Leo, Anthony and Victor did a terrific job. They showed up on time, they took great care of our stuff, and it was the most pleasant moving experience I've ever had. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Thank you.

Most Pleasurable Moving I've Ever Had!

Customer says this is the most pleasurable moving he has ever had!
I'm John Denny, and Austin Moving Forward just moved me from Leander to Georgetown. Leo, Anthony, and Victor did a terrific job.

Gomez and Deb Moved from Austin to Frisco

Gomez: This is Deb.
Deb: Hi.
Gomez: I'm Gomez. We've just finished our move from Austin to Frisco. It's a 3800 square foot house, pretty much at both ends with staircases. They did everything flawlessly. No damage, just a great attitude.
Deb: Definitely.
Gomez: Avi was great in that he told us what he was going to do and then they actually did everything that they told us what they were going to do and they did it on time and with great concern to make sure that we were happy. I would recommend Austin Moving Forward to anyone that is moving their house because you know how important it is. Thank you. Thank you guys.

Deb: Thanks guys.

Best Movers We've Ever Had

A testimonial from one of the families we helped move. They were pleased that our team was rapid, clean and swift.

Helen: My name is Helen, and I just want to let you to know that Austin Moving Forward, Pablo, Reuben, and Neil were the best movers we've ever had. They were rapid, they were clean, they were swift, and I mean, they got all of our furniture moved out in no time at all and got it set up, and I'm very, very, very pleased with their work. I would highly recommend them, okay? Don't forget them. Thanks.

Moving From Austin to San Antonio

Leo was very happy with how stress free his move was with Austin Moving Forward. If you are moving from Austin to San Antonio or anywhere in Texas we can help you too!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work, the dedication. Daniel, Guillermo , these guys did a great job. I was a little worried, as my wife was as well, we're moving from a third floor apartment to a house in San Antonio. We were a little worried, we'd never used Austin Moving Forward before and all those worries were put to rest. Daniel did a great job. Guillermo did a great job. They spoke Spanish which put me at ease. They also spoke English to my wife as well. We both felt very comfortable so thank you, Daniel and Guillermo, but more importantly, thank you Austin Moving Forward. Great job.

Moving from Austin to Houston

This customer was happy with his move to Houston. He was satisfied with how the crew handled moving more stuff than anticipated and moving things up stairs.

Hi everyone. My name is Richard. We just got done moving. I really want to thank these guys from Austin Moving Forward. They did a great job. They arrived on time. They called me ahead of time. Showed up perfectly. No problems and they got everything loaded quickly. It was more stuff than we had planned for. Then from there they got everything organized in the truck and we even had some traffic delays but they were troopers and stuck through it. We got down to Houston, got everything unloaded in two different locations. They helped get some stuff into storage first before my apartment, which was awesome. Then the flights of stairs, that was real bugger but they did a great job. I really appreciate these guys and I would recommend them to everybody. Thank you.

Moving Services in Cedar Park, TX

John: Hi, my name is John Adams. I had Austin Moving Forward move me from a house in Cedar Park to another house 3 miles away in Cedar Park. The crew did a fabulous job and fantastic. They were all courteous, professional. I couldn't ask for a better crew to handle a move. I recommend Austin Moving Forward to anyone that needs to move and if I hear anyone that's looking for a mover, I will put you at the top of the list. I certainly enjoyed the move and make a move. No move is fun, but they made the best out of it and I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Bye.
Speaker 2: We had Moving Forward with Mike and Pablo moved our furniture in Austin and they did it very successfully, very professionally and we would use them again in a heartbeat. Thank you.

Repeat Customer

Hey, we just had Austin Moving Forward do another move for us. We had to move in stages so they did the first move about a month ago and we had a bunch more stuff in the storage units, including this big grand piano and they moved it all in one day all the way from Katy up here to Tornit and the guys did a great job. It was Melvin and David and Roger and Pablo and they really did great. We appreciate the good move. Thank you.

Very Fast and Professional

Austin Move-in company, the movers were excellent, they were very fast, very professional