Tips for Moving into an Apartment

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Apartment living has many benefits such as a convenient location, a handful of amenities, and a cost effective alternative to a larger home. But sometimes, moving in to the apartment can be somewhat difficult.

Consider these tips if you’re planning to move into an apartment to help alleviate any stress on moving day:

Make sure your furniture fits.

It may be helpful to draw out a floor plan of your new pad and outline where your furniture will be placed. Whether you’re buying new furniture or you have some of your own already, measure the length, width, and height as well as the width and height of the apartment doorway to make sure it will fit through.

Double check the rules for your complex.

Does your apartment complex have a set time allotted for you to move? Does your new place have moving fees? Is it necessary to book a time to use the elevator? All of these are important questions you should ask the landlord or apartment management staff, if they’re not answered already in your lease agreement. This will help you know exactly where to go and when to be there on the day of your big move.

Stay organized.

Never underestimated the power of making a list.  Keep track of what items are in each box and make note of where the boxes go. It may also be helpful to make a list of things you may need on the moving day.  You can even use your mobile device to stay organized during your move. Check out our blog on moving apps that can help you stay on task during the process.

Hire movers.

This can be a huge load off of your shoulders, literally. Professional movers are trained to be able to lift heavy furniture and boxes up and down stairs, making the move into the apartment hassle-free. If you’re in need of professional movers, Austin Moving Forward is the best moving company in Austin, TX. Contact us today for a free quote.