How Much to Tip for an Austin Movers Services?

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Moving from one spot to another can be confusing and stressful as it is, and having to think about tipping might be the last thing in your priority list. But since moving is part of the service industry, Austin movers also expect a tip. Just how much should you give?

Know the Basic Rule

As a basic rule, tipping is a gesture of appreciation for good service, so you need to ask yourself the level of professionalism you have experienced from the Austin moving company you hired from start to finish. This means making that first phone call or email and confirming schedules and fees. Were they easy to deal with?

Observe The Movers Work

Next up would be the day of the move itself. At this point, having to pack many items and organize furniture has made you extra observant. It will be easy for you to gauge the level of service provided by Austin movers.

Austin movers from reputable companies let you know when they are on their way. They then arrive on time and quickly get to the task on hand.

You also need to consider the difficulty of the move itself. Did it involve several flights of stairs? Move several large pieces of appliance or furniture complicates the time it takes to complete the job as well.

The Estimate

With all things considered, how much should you tip an Austin moving company? Giving a minimum of $20 per mover is a safe bet, but you can increase it to $40 if the move was more complex than expected.

A larger project requires a bigger crew, and the foreman will get a tip of $50, going as high as $75 as the difficulty increases.

How about tips based on the percentage of the actual bill? You’ll be surprised that an average bill usually arrives at the same flat fee, and giving fixed rates for complicated moves is actually less expensive.

One last thing to remember: personally give every crew your tip instead of handing it over to their boss as it is a bigger gesture that shows your appreciation for a job well done.