5 Things to Ask an Austin Moving Company

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There is a wide variety of residential moving companies out there and it may be difficult to pick the best one. You want to make sure that you receive quotes from each of the contenders and make sure you go over a few key questions. Here are some of the things to inquire about before making a selection on your residential moving company.

  1. Minimum billing

This is one crucial factor that also need to be assessed by you beforehand in case of professional moving company hiring. These movers have the policy of minimum billing hours which means whether you take their services for 30 minutes or an hour they will charge you with their minimum hour billing policy.

  1. What is their hourly rate?

Most of the moving companies charge on the basis of hourly rate. This means you have to pay them on per hour basis. This type of pricing methodology is quite interesting specifically when you are moving on local distance that is taking a transit time of 4-5 hours. However, in case of long distance this hourly rate system can cost you a fortune.

  1. Insurance and hidden costs

If you plan to purchase additional insurance to cover some of your big ticket items, it’s important to know what exactly the insurance will cover and if it will cover the entire cost of replacing the item, should anything happen to it. In addition to insurance, be sure to inquire about other hidden costs. The ideal residential moving company should give you a comprehensive list of fees that are charged that you may or may not be aware of.

  1. Payment options

Often times, you don’t want to pay for a move in full or shell out for a large deposit right away. Ask the residential moving company what the deposit is and when the payment in full is required. It’s important to pay the full balance once you have secured all of your items and everything is delivered safely.

  1. Transportation restrictions

Inquire with the company and find out if they have any types of restrictions on items that they are allowed to transport.  This helps avoid any confusion or hassle on moving day.

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