The Importance of Taking Inventory

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Moving can, at times, be overwhelming.  Especially if you have a large amount of items being moved. The first step before moving is making a detailed list of all the items.  Keeping record of your items can help keep you organized throughout the moving process.

In addition to your list, most moving companies like Austin Moving Forward, will also provide you with a detailed inventory list of all of your goods.  They will also use a system of symbols for their inventory lists and it is important that you understand these symbols.   You may see inventory  lists with symbols such as: PBO- pack by owner, CP- carrier packing, CU- condition unknown, D- dented, SC- scratched, CH- chipped, BR- broken, or CR- cracked.

To ensure that your goods are all in their original condition and that they are all accounted for, it can be a good idea to compare your list with the inventory list that the moving company provides you.  Having both inventory lists on hand can help protect you from theft or damage but it can also help you keep record of which items you will want to store in a storage facility.

Inventory lists are key components to successful moves.  Understanding the moving company’s list and creating your own can be a big help in keeping things in order throughout.  Contact the best Austin moving company: Austin Moving Forward.