Moving To Austin City Limits

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Are you moving to Austin city? Then it is time to first plan your move in terms of packing, loading and unloading of all your stuff. Whether you are interested in hiring a professional moving company or wanted to go for DIY moving make sure that you will plan and organize all the required things at least a month before your actual moving date. This will help you pack your things efficiently as well as help you decide which option is cost effective hiring a moving company or DIY methodology. In the market these days you will find several professional moving companies offering different packages for local and long distance moving. All you need is to consult them either through their website or by calling then and choose the best option.

Take into consideration following things to plan affordable move whether interstate or intrastate.

Budget scenario

You need to first assess your budget like how much you can afford on professional moving company? Then it is necessary that you make an efficient comparison on DIY moving and professional moving. Accordingly you will choose the best option without spending a fortune.

Pros and Cons of do it yourself moving

Now let’s take a quick snippet on DIY moving and find out how whether this is beneficial for you or not.


  • It will save you good amount of money

  • Your friends and family can help

  • You will achieve a sense of complete satisfaction that you have done all the moving by yourself


  • If not properly planned and organized then it can cost you a fortune

  • Depending upon the quantity of stuff your DIY moving project can waste your hours which is not quite a rational approach

  • Additionally, on moving yourself you need to do the heavy lifting by yourself that can cause you sprain or back aches.

What you should inquire about before hiring professional moving company?

Here you need to be really smart and ask them all about their services, billing criteria and other licensing information in case of long distance move.

1. Minimum billing

This is one crucial factor that also need to be assessed by you beforehand in case of professional moving company hiring. These movers have the policy of minimum billing hours which means whether you take their services for 30 minutes or an hour they will charge you with their minimum hour billing policy.

2. What is their hourly rate?

Most of the moving companies charge on the basis of hourly rate. This means you have to pay them on per hour basis. This type of pricing methodology is quite interesting specifically when you are moving on local distance that is taking a transit time of 4-5 hours. However, in case of long distance this hourly rate system can cost you a fortune.

Follow these amazing tips and guidelines that are given by the professional movers of Austin Moving Forward. These tips will make your moving to Austin city limits a piece of cake.