Essentials for Moving the Home Office


Packing your home office does not need to be stressful or tricky.  Just like preparing your home for a move, you can easily prepare your home office for a move.  Here are some simple steps for a smooth move so the electronic nerve center of your home is up and running quickly.


Is your home office pristinely clean of all papers and mail?  Or do you have a few stacks, sticky notes, old files in your file cabinet, and more?  Regardless of whether your home office is perfectly filed or the family dumping ground for all papers and more, evaluate what needs to be kept or thrown out.  If you have sensitive documents that can be thrown, be sure to have them professionally shredded.

Important Documents

We all have important documents such as birth certificates and passports.  But other documents include specific legal documents, investment/loan/insurance information.  These are examples of documents you might want to keep with you outside of what the movers pack for you.  Place important documents in an envelope in the box of things marked specifically for you to transport.  The best option is to place that box in the car prior to the moving company arriving so the box will not get mixed up with any other boxes they are transporting.


If it is not part of the home office, move it to the correct location – your new home office will be organized already.  Prior to the movers arriving, you might want to place small office supplies into zip-lock baggies (pencils, pens, paper clips, and binder clips) so they stay together.  Whether it stays in the drawers or is packed into boxes, it will be reasonably organized if it is already bagged.


First, back up important computer files then decide if those will be kept with you or packed by the movers.  Remove toner and ink cartridges from printers.  If you have the original boxes your electronics came in, electronics can be repacked in those boxes and the movers will take care of the rest.  If you do not have the original boxes, use a color-coded system.  Use matching colored stickers to mark the port and cable so set up in your new home office is fast.  A label maker can be used to mark each cable.  Repurpose empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to hold loosely wound cables, and mark the rolls with the component it goes with (printer, monitor, computer etc.).

If you’re planning a home office move and need moving services, contact the best moving company in Austin for details.


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