Essential Office Packing Tips

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Business office moves and commercial moves take a lot of coordination and organization to run successfully. You want the orchestrate the move to where all of your equipment is transported to your new location safely and you need to do so without disrupting the flow of business too much. Consider these tips when you’re packing up the office:

Organize Important Information

To make sure your have easy access to the active files you will need immediately after your move, designate a separate box for active files and inactive files. This way, you’re able to access these active files as soon as you are settled in your new office. Make sure each box is labeled clearly to avoid confusion.

Pack the Loose, Miscellaneous Items in Baggies

This includes pens, paper clips, rubber bands, thumbtacks, etc. You want to stay as organized as possible so that setting back up in the new office can be a breeze. Keeping these miscellaneous items together and sealed can make unpacking process much less tedious.

Carry the Valuables and Personal Items

Having a separate box to carry your own desk items in can be beneficial. In this box put your pictures and picture frames, small desk plants, diplomas, CDs, flashdrives, and other personal items. You don’t want this box to be mixed in with the rest of the office boxes. Keeping it with you also allows for easy setup in the new place.

Keep Computer Cords in Labeled, Zip locked Bags

The last thing you need is to get to your new office space and not know which cords go with which computer. Make sure you carefully remove the cords and place them in a zip locked bag with a coordinating computer label. It can also be helpful to take a picture of the computer and which cords go in which ports for easy set up after the move.

Get Rid of Trash and Unwanted Items

The less you have to pack, the less you have to move, and therefore, the less you have to unpack! Clean out desks and empty wastebins to make sure there are no unnecessary items taken to the new office.

Make your company’s move a little easier with these packing tips. For the rest of the moving process, let Austin Moving Forward take care of your needs. Our team of professional commercial movers will move your office in a timely fashion and avoid any real disruption to your daily operations. Our goal is to make sure your business is taken care of, gets up and running in its new space quickly, and to provide high quality commercial moving in Austin.