Custom Crating vs. Traditional Packing


Getting ready for that upcoming move and don’t quite know how to handle that priceless statue, marble table, antique mirror, art or other special piece? Let’s take a moment and discuss the difference in using a custom crate versus traditional packing to determine which option best fits your needs.


Custom Crate:  

  • Best possible way to ship your priceless items.


  • Built specifically for you, based on the exact dimensions of your items.


  • Highest level of protection and the crate is yours to keep for future moves.


  • The typical cost for crating starts at about $100. Understandably, that might deter some from choosing that option, but it’s far less expensive than replacing your priceless antique.


  • Bottom line is this, ask questions about your specialty items before your move and we’ll make sure to guide you in the right direction.






Traditional Packing:


  • Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for protection, while effective, do not provide the ultimate care needed for high dollar items.


  • Typically put together on site with the boxes, bubble wrap and tape on site. Cardboard boxes and tape can only hold so much, especially when protecting a heavy item.


  • Less expensive than a custom crate, but not as high of protection.  The cost that you might be saving up front can all be for naught if there were to be irreparable damage.








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