4 Major Moving Mistakes

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Moving is an exciting time when you’re packing up and starting a new chapter in a new home. It can be a tricky process, however, if not done correctly. Avoid these 4 major moving mistakes to ensure your move is hassle-free!

  1. D-I-Y Moving

Moving is always an extensive process from deciding what to take and give away to packing and loading up. Moving just across town can be complicated. There can be unexpected fuel costs, damage to your goods, and even physical stress on you. Make sure you know the extent of what’s involved before deciding to move on your own, DIY style.

  1. Not Getting an Estimate

You wouldn’t buy your new home without knowing how much it costs so it is best to treat the moving process the same way. It is wise to get estimates from various moving companies and then to choose the best quote. Austin Moving Forward makes it easy to get a quick quote here: http://www.austinmovingforward.com/get-a-quote/

  1. Not Cleaning House First

Over time, things accumulate and it is hard to realize exactly how many things you actually have until you need to pack them all. Instead of having to pack and move all the things that you haven’t used in years, sort through things that you need to take and the things you can give away or sell. This way, you’re left with less clutter and less things to pack, move and unpack.

  1. Not Checking and Double Checking the Inventory List

In our previous blog, we stated the importance of having an inventory list of your own and from the moving company. Check the inventory list before everything is packed and ready to go and also check the list when you arrive at your new residence to ensure nothing was left behind or forgotten.